Masked  Series 

This masked series examines the use of animals and zoomorphic iconography from various cultures. For many past and contemporary societies, animals have various connotations whether religious, spiritual, or their images have been used to embody certain personality traits. In other cases as found in (i.e. European) literature they can be represented as a guides, protectors, antagonists, ethereal, and even demonic.

The series of masked woman in my current focus use these animals as an extension of these psychological & metaphysical attributes as they assert themselves in their own realities.

little dragonWEB.jpg
bana goatWEB.jpg
owl - birds of preyWEB.jpg
Mursi Tigris WEB.jpg
kestrel - birds of preyWEB.jpg
fluffy eagle - birds of preyWEB.jpg
Hyaenidae WEB.jpg

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